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Impressions: Apple TV 4

The day has finally come: my Apple TV 4 (32GB) has come in the mail.

Funny story – I initially preordered it on Monday morning and got an estimated delivery date of Nov 2 – 4. A few days later I stopped by an Apple Store and lo and behold: they had a bunch of Apple TV 4’s, the one I preordered. At that point I couldn’t cancel it online so I stomached the wait for a few days and today it has finally arrived.


  • The packaging is beautiful (as always). All of the items are laid out perfectly and are easy to reach.
  • Setup was easy – I used my iPhone to get all my network settings and iCloud information (login only) to the device (the setup will ask you for your password).
  • Typing on this is quite possibly the most frustrating thing I have ever done on an Apple device. With the Apple TV 3 you could just count the clicks and be done with it. Since the remote uses a touch interface now it is far less accurate so you have to go slower or risk making mistakes. I use 1Password so all of my login passwords were incredibly long and exacerbated the process.
  • The screensavers are absolutely gorgeous.
  • The white background will make your eyes hurt at night.
  • Apps are sparse, but I am optimistic that it will balloon to a size rivaling the iPhone/iPad.
  • The parallax effect is neat.
  • The remote control feels oddly light and a bit hollow, which makes me worry at what will happen if/when I drop it. I used to drop my Apple TV 3 remote a lot so I have to be more careful with this one.
  • I mistake the Siri button with the Menu button on the Apple TV 3 remote since they are roughly in the same position. So when I try to go back to the home screen I activate Siri on accident.
  • Universal Search is the killer feature. Hands down.

Now some pictures: