Watch This, Apple Watch: Apple Has Sold More Than $1.7B in Apple Watches

Incredible numbers coming out, though it isn’t easy to say if it is accurate given the method of deduction.

From Number 8:

8. Apple Watch, which was available less than half of FY 2015 still “accounted for more than 100% of the year-over-year growth in net sales of Other Products.” A little math: Other Products grew from $8.379 billion in 2014 to $10.067 billion in 2015. That means Apple has sold at least $1.688 billion worth of Apple Watches. But as the statement implies, the actual figure is higher in a category that was dragged down by falling iPod sales. If that pace can be maintained, it’s reasonable to think Apple Watch could be at least a $5 billion business in this current fiscal year.